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Integrated Service:

For structural steelwork through to stainless steel and glass staircases, we can offer a fully comprehensive service from design through to installation

Covering the length and breadth of the UK we use the latest technology both at the design stage and during manufacture ensuring our quality remains at the forefront of our industry.

Recent contracts include the Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters in Edinburgh, Apple Stores in Manchester and London, HMP Risley and Hindley refurbishments, Urban Outfitters and Donna Karan stores in London, Marks & Spencer refurbishments in Scotland and Hexam General, RVI, Chester-le-Street and Richardson Road hospitals in the North East.

Skilful Versatility:

Whatever the project, we have the technical expertise to make the apparently impossible, achievable. Whether it is functional or a flight of fancy; ornamental or practical; restoring classical splendours of the past with total accuracy and attention to historical detail or glimpsing the future, we will turn the architectural dream into reality.